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Wedding and DJ Services

What types of music do you play?
I play a wide variety of music genres, wedding bangers from 70 to 2000’including pop, rock, dance, oldies, and I can tailor the playlist to suit your preferences and the atmosphere you want to create. Please note I am not a House DJ - more  a traditional DJ.

Do you take song requests?
 Yes, as long as  it doesn't destroy the dance floor and mood of the crowd (negotiated with organisers).

Can we provide a list of must-play and do-not-play songs?
Absolutely. I encourage couples to provide a list of must-play and do-not-play songs to ensure the music fits your vision for the event.

Do you offer a consultation before the wedding?
Yes, I offer a pre-wedding consultation to discuss your music preferences, special requests, and the event timeline.

Do you provide your own equipment?
Yes, I provide all the necessary sound and lighting equipment. 

How do you handle song requests from guests?
I balance guest requests with the overall flow of the event and your preferences. If a requested song fits well, I will play it; otherwise, I will politely decline.

Do you also provide MC services?
Yes, I can act as the MC for your event, making announcements, introducing speakers, however I recommend ulitising your friends and family. 

What is your backup plan if you experience equipment failure?

I bring backup equipment to every event to ensure that the music and entertainment continue seamlessly. We do not rely on wifi so knowing what music you want on the night is important so who are not disappointed.

Quizmaster Services

What types of quizzes do you offer?
I offer a range of quiz formats, including general knowledge, themed quizzes (e.g., movies, sports, music), and customized quizzes tailored to your event.

How long does a typical quiz session last?

A typical quiz session lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours, but I can adjust the length to fit your event schedule.

Do you provide all the necessary materials for the quiz?
Yes, I provide all the necessary materials, including question sheets, answer sheets, and pens. I can also supply audio-visual equipment how ever we recommend  using a number of venues that can provide this service.

Can we request specific topics or themes for our quiz?
Absolutely. I can tailor the quiz to focus on specific topics or themes that you and your guests will enjoy.

How do you handle scoring and keeping track of teams?
I handle all the scoring and team tracking, ensuring that the quiz runs smoothly and fairly.

What is your approach to making the quiz fun and engaging?
I use a mix of interesting questions, interactive segments, and humorous commentary to keep the quiz engaging and enjoyable for all participants.

Can the quiz be customized for corporate events or private parties?
Yes, I can customize the quiz to suit corporate events and other special occasions.

What is your fee structure?
 My fees vary depending on the event's requirements and duration. Please contact me for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.

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